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Surf the Waves of Emotion with Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever's New "Write Back"

Surf sad to this single before their mini-LP drops March 25.
February 15, 2016, 2:06pm

Photo by Jamieson Moore

Rolling Blackouts Costal Fever is a band out of Melbourne, Australia that play rock music designed to latch into your ears until the end of time. The band is coming out with a new mini-LP, Talk Tight, due out March 25. Today the band is premiering their newest jam from the record, "Write Back." Guitar riffs jump out at the listener, creating a very upbeat, yet laidback vibe from the whole experience. The lyrics talk about a lost love that will never see the light of reality, mixing into the song a sense of bittersweet acceptance. You might not usually think of surfy rock being full of emotion and facing oneself, but Rolling Blackouts Costal Fever manage to mix emotion and pleasure in an even-handed, engaging way.

Listen to the new song below, and look out for Talk Tight's release on March 25 via Ivy League Records.