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Watch A$AP Mob's Glitched-Out "Yamborghini High" Video

Juicy J joins in for a web 1.0 pixelated rap video fantasia.

A$AP Mob's raucous A$AP Yams tribute song "Yamborghini High" is one of the most fun tracks to come out this year, which makes sense because A$AP Yams loved fun.

He loved it, especially, in the form of old school rap video excess, which the video for "Yamborghini High" memorializes in beautiful and brilliant fashion, showing A$AP Mob turning up with Juicy J in front of the White House, a Hype Williams-style trail of Lamborghinis cruising up a mountain, and a series No Limit-style shots of the Mob decked out in colorful camo dancing in nature. And then, to really make it feel like you're watching the whole thing via a Dailymotion link in 2004 (which is probably how you would have found it on Yams's Tumblr) the transitions are accomplished via colorful whorls of pixels. Don't worry: It's not your connection lagging; It just looks tight.

Check out the video below: