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Drake's Gonna Be Pissed: Toronto Bans Hookah Smoking

We call that scheming up.
November 4, 2015, 6:58pm

Drake's corrupted lungs blow out a cake with a model edible Habibiz building on it.

Today marks a dark day in Toronto's history, as city council voted 34 to 3 to halt any hookah smoking in licensed businesses. This comes after the city's medical officer used his facts to snitch on hookah's harmful properties, including how it is sending the wrong message to youth. “The message today really is that we’re going to protect your health,” said Councillor Joe Mihevc. “This is a good news day for the City of Toronto.” But it's bad news for Drake, who will likely see his favourite hookah bar Habibiz shutter its doors in the coming months.


"Bring you to Habibiz, get your smoke on" raps Drake in the classic OB O'Brien song "Scheming Up," referencing a hookah bar in Scarborough on Kennedy Road that Drake an his friends often frequent. But now it looks like the only thing Drake is going to be scheming on is where he can go to get his next fix. The hookah was popularized by icons like Drake, Joe Budden, and Tyga all joining in on the shisha-smoking trend. The only logical solution that remains for The 6 God will be for him to appoint Norm Kelly as mayor so that he can promptly overrule this legislation. All we can do now is wait, and look at old pictures of Drake smoking hookah.

"Oh yeah this is a good piece of coal, I'll never stop doing this in Toronto."

Drake an a friend smoking OVO hookah, likely talking about how this will always be okay.

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Real rap.

When you find out hookah is banned in your city.

Drake and Habibi in better days.

White wine & hookah, my idea of a Friday night!

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