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Tesla Boy's "Keyboards & Synths" Is the Soundtrack to an 80s Tom Cruise Movie Montage

Think Daft Punk, think Chromeo, think Phil Collins.

Last time we heard from Tesla Boy it was the summer and we jumped on board the time machine that is their song "Strong" which is so eighties that the song is essentially the equivalant of a boy in a boxy, shoulder-padded blazer dancing with a girl with teased bangs, blue eye shadow, and some neon LA Gear high tops. There's a slight Duran Duran soft-pop quality to it.

New single "Keyboards & Synths"—premiering below—finds the Russian quartet still wedded to the decade of mullets and legwarmers, but just like the title suggests, this time they're getting the electro-funk on.


Think Daft Punk, think Chromeo, think Phil Collins… yeah really! Imagine a montage where Tom Cruise is doing deals and drowning in babes and money and illegal substances in a jacuzzi full of champagne: this is the soundtrack. Chin-chin. Tesla Boy dude Anton Sevidov gave us the skinny behind the song: "Usually, the main instrument in my records is Roland Juno 60. But in this song main keyboard sounds are from Yamaha DX7, which is the cult synthesizer of 80s. Generally, this song is about love for synthesizers, because when they came into my life, they changed it once and forever. When I wrote it, I imagined that I was jamming with Daft Punk, if we were jazzmen."

P.S. Aren't keyboards and synths the same instrument?

P.P.S. We've been all about Telsa Boy for years. Check out their video for "Fantasy" which we wrote about in 2012. Digi-synth-raunch.

"Synths and Keyboards" is out on 11.13.

Kim Taylor Bennett never had a pair of LA Gear high tops. :( She's on Twitter.