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Supa Bwe's 'Dead Again 3' Will Kill Your Eardrums and Bring Them Back to Life

The Chicago rapper's wild new tape includes features from Chance the Rapper, Twista, and Mick Jenkins.

Album artwork via Soundcloud

Chicago's Supa Bwe has been pushing hip-hop in ever-weirder directions for a while, whether turning up to new extremes with his now-defunct group Hurt Everybody or by crooning off into space on the post-Drake hookup jam "Breakfast and Chill" from earlier this year. On his new project Dead Again 3, which features the latter song, he flips through different ideas with casual ease, bending his voice into filtered contortions and shouting his way along when necessary, eager to invite girls through to chill and remind us of his poor character at the same time (he says "I'm a dog" so much it becomes a motif—word to Gucci Mane).

Supa Bwe can hold his own with the fringe party rappers du jour and sing a sex jam with Twista that feels like vintage Twista single material. He can rattle off sly observations like "I don't do the music distribution ain't important when your fans come pack out all your shows" with a conviction that assures you he's fended off a few music industry vultures. He can bounce back and forth nonchalantly with Chance the Rapper on a song that feels like one of Chance's more off-the-cuff moments. He can craft something like "Annie"—a collaboration with his new group Fight Me—a slippery, collagist song that might be described as a luxury-themed love song recorded for a horror movie soundtrack that channels equal parts of Young Thug and Bryson Tiller.

The sounds on Dead Again 3 are rarely expected, but they are almost always cool as hell. Listen to the project below:

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