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Norwegian Black Metal Wraiths Tsjuder Declare "Demonic Supremacy" With a Frosty New Song

Listen to a Celtic Frosted new tune from their upcoming fifth album, 'Antiliv.'

Photo courtesy of Tsjuder

It's been a good four years since Tsjuder released a proper full-length, so it's about time we got a new song to chew over. The Norwegian black metal greats just posted "Demonic Supremacy", a new track for their upcoming fifth album, Antiliv, and in Noisey parlance, it is both a banger and a slapper.

"Demonic Supremacy" is a perfect example of black metal's ability to look both backwards and forwards simultaneously, like an aural manifestation of the two-faced Greek god Janus. The song enjoys the benefit of a crisp, modern production, while the meat of the track offers that classic Scandinavian sound they've held fast to for decades—and a leaden central groove that's basically an updated, more necro take on "Dethroned Emperor."


Their Facebook post announcing the new song stated the obvious, noting, "With 'Demonic Supremacy' we are playing old school black metal in the sense of early Bathory and Celtic Frost. This track captures the essence of our roots, while still being black metal as of the year 2015."

Listen for yourself below, and keep those fingers crossed that they'll darken our shores again sometime soon, because seriously, how sick were they at Maryland Deathfest last year?

Antiliv is out September 18 on Season of Mist Records—preorder the album in a variety of formats here.

01. Kaos
02. Krater
03. Norge
04. Djevelens Mesterverk
05. Demonic Supremacy
06. Slumber with the Worm
07. Ved Ferdens Ende
08. Antiliv
Digibox bonus tracks
09. Kaos (rehearsal version)
10. Slumber with the Worm (rehearsal version)
11. Antiliv (rehearsal version)
12. Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)
13. Unholy Pagan Fire (Beherit cover)

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