This story is over 5 years old.

Peer Into Icy Detachment with Majid Jordan's Video for "King City"

The song is not about the township just north of Toronto.

One of the best things about Toronto electro-R&B duo Majid Jordan is how much attention they pay to their visuals. The songs are always just as striking as the audio, and the music video for "King City" is no different. The story takes place in a Toronto restaurant, where Majid Al-Maskati escapes to after parting ways with what appears to be a swanky hotel party. There he links up with his partner in crime, Jordan Ullman, and the two proceed to party the night away. During their adventures Majid becomes smitten with a woman, who tries to unsuccessfully seduce him. Catching his error too late, Majid hops out of the cab and runs down Toronto's one-way streets, looking for his lost love. There's a lot going on here, and none of it seems to point to the fact that the song is about King City, the township 40 minutes north of Toronto.


Slava Pastuk has been to the real King City and didn't like it. He's on Twitter.