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PREMIERE: Guy With Korn Cornrows Removed Reviews the New ACDC Beer

One sip and it makes you feel like Angus Young playing sick riffs.
October 6, 2015, 1:26am

Aaron Gocs, who you may know as Guy With Cornrows Eats Corn While Listening to Korn just sent us his latest video, a review of the new Rock or Bust ACDC beer.

The first thing you notice about the review (besides Gocs removable of his cornrows and the wall damage behind him) is that it’s also an astute commentary on archaic Queensland liquor laws, his thoughts on the latest AC DC album, and former drummer Phil Rudd’s recent problems.

It’s also a refreshing to see a straightforward beer review that steers clear of words like quaff, mash and other phrases you find on Beer Advocate.

Gocs just pours it into a glass, drinks it and tells you what he really thinks.

The German produced beer is available in Australia (except Queensland) exclusively through the German owned ALDI supermarket chain.