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Shirtlessness, Dogpiles, and Gang Vocals Galore: Damaged City 2015 in Pictures

Photos from the DC festival featuring Career Suicide, Government Warning, Excruciating Terror and more
April 13, 2015, 8:28pm

No Tolerance photo and all photos by Angela Owens

This weekend saw the third installment of Damaged City, the cream of the crop of the new school of weekend hardcore punk festivals (now that Chaos In Tejas has bitten the dust). The main events took place in a church in DC, and the fest is host to some of the best names in underground punk going today. From classic reunions of Government Warning and United Mutation to international freaks Night Fever and Career Suicide to stateside punks Vaaska and Leather Daddy, there is something for every style of mosher, Here are some choice pics from Noisey’s Angela Owens.


Excruciating Terror Night Fever Government Warning The Flex Javla Sectarian Violence Leather Daddy Stand Off Red Death Barge AJAX Nervosas Vaaska United Mutation No Tolerance Career Suicide Aggression Pact Pure Disgust Urbanoia Arms Race