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Here's Jamie xx's Video for "Loud Places" Featuring Romy Just in Time for Your Morning Regret

He also released the official version of another track called "Gosh," both coming from his upcoming record 'In Colour.'

It's Friday morning here in the States, which means last night was what we like to collectively call "Thirsty Thursdays," baby! That's the code name for society collectively convincing itself that we don't have to work in the morning and getting completely obliterated in the name of socializing on a weeknight is acceptable behavior. These nights tend to lead to terrible decision making, typically involving sex with someone you don't want to have sex with—most likely an ex of sorts who's somehow found their way to your local bar. The night runs its course simply: you awkwardly start to talk but then the more drunk you get the easier the conversation becomes and then you're conversing about, like, how cool NASA's space program was in the 60s or something and then, before you can comprehend any of the decisions you're actually making, it's Friday morning and you're lying next to someone who's naked and, holy shit, you have to be to work soon and, god damnit, life is hell.


Anyway, that's the feeling I got watching the new video, a tour de skateboard through the city of London (I think?), for Jamie xx's "Loud Places," a track that features fellow member of The xx Romy. The song—Romy's voice floating above Jamie's mad scientist-esque beats—sounds like a lost cut from the last The xx record. "I'm gone into old places where we used to go, they seem so quiet now," sings Romy, "I'm here, all alone. You're gone to new places with I don't know who, and I don't know how to follow you." In short, this shit is emotional on a titanic level.

"Loud Places" is off Jamie xx's highly-anticipated upcoming solo debut In Colour, which is out via Young Turks on June 2. The Brit also released another song called "Gosh" recently via the BBC, also from his upcoming record. You can stream that below the video.