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It's Officially Spring, So Lose the Jacket and Stream the New Rosen & Spyddet Track

From the band's cheery and gorgeous new LP, due via Posh Isolation.

There’s a sunny hopefulness to Rosen & Spyddet’s new track “Foglemmigej,” driven by pulsing kick drums and a pair of sunny synth chords. The main melodic theme is repeated several times throughout the track with minimal variation but no matter, even after close to four minutes you’ll still wish it was everlasting. Lose the socks, roll up those jeans, and put this on blast… I smell the theme to springtime and raging hormones. Stream it below.


Thank Denmark’s Posh Isolation for bringing this to the table. The new LP Fortuna will see the light of day via the label on May 22nd in a scant pressing of 300 copies. Don’t sleep, dum dums.