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Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky's Friendship is Blooming Into Hip Hop's Next Great Double Act

A freestyle featuring the pair trading bars about Mario Kart has just surfaced, which comes off the back of their already blossoming friendship.

Last year Tyler, the Creator launched an app called GOLF Media. For those who don't already know, the app encompases all things related to the happy-go-lucky rapper, from interviews and music videos to episodes of his cartoon series The Jellies. All things considered, it's been a wild success; at the time it launched, it was reported to have more day one subscribers than TIDAL. But numbers aren't everything, and for anyone that's been paying attention the app has also documented the rise of something more real, something human.


Within its digital walls, we've seen the conscious coupling of A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator bloom into what feels like a once in a lifetime friendship. Whether it's A$AP's impression of Tyler, the pair's video for "Freestyle 4" or their tour announcement, it's clear the pair go together like bacon and waffles. If you hadn't already experienced it, you wouldn't expect it to work, yet it's so sweet, and so gorgeous. They're the world's next great double act, the Sonny and Cher of rap.

Last night a freestyle featuring the pair surfaced, which only adds some fuel to the fire burning beneath what is soon to be the mantlepiece in their very own home. In it, the pair trade bars about Mario Kart, "a fat ass", and the mother's of ex-girlfriends over a beat that's produced by Tyler, the Creator. Listen below:

Did someone say collaborative album?