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I.R.O.K. - "Earthy Girls" Video Premiere

The best use of green screen ever.
October 9, 2012, 11:00am

Last time we caught up with I.R.O.K they were storming round Morroco, playing everywhere from theatres to beaches. This time, they've got an equally chaotic video, that sees some of the most inspired use of green screen technology ever. There's so many WTF moments in the visuals to take in, but more importantly I wanted to know where on earth the guys got a troupe of Brazilian dudes, who are very talented at thrusting, to appear. Mike Title very politely explained:

"When a friend Leo Justi got on the phone and told us that he knew a load of Brazilian dancers over from Rio to perform at the Olympic ceremony and saying come over to The Hilton, you can imagine that I couldn't believe my luck. The fact that it was a load of teenage boys was a surprise but God moves in mysterious ways.

It was a bit surreal how they never went anywhere without blasting baile funk or at any point stopped dancing. Everywhere was a dance floor. I suddenly felt responsible for unleashing this energy on people wherever we went. Everyone's bubble got burst but in a good way."

Indeed. "Earthy Girls" is available for free download from on the 26 October.


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