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Watch Down To Nothing’s Video for “Life On The James”

Just a bunch of hardcore bros bro-ing down.

Sup, brah? You chillin’? Word, word. Down To Nothing are chillin’ in their new video too. Straight chillin’ on the James, brah. Just a bunch of hardcore bros bro-ing out, doing bro stuff. Bro stuff includes but is not limited to wearing backwards baseball hats and Kenny Powers-style Oakleys, showing off sick bro-tats, bro-fiving, pointing at the camera very bro-edly, and doing wavedives (stagedives but in the water, duh). All in all, it’s the most bro-riffic time you can have outside of headwalking. Get your vacation mosh on, brah.

Down To Nothing’s new album Life on the James is the latest broffering from Revelation Records, who have been eerily quiet over the last few years.