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Noisey Tidbits Roundup

Gucci Mane is giving advice to youths and Diplo kind of helped get a naked and stoned teacher suspended.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

A weekly roundup of anything music-related that's made us excited about being able to hear things.

Both Daft Punk and Fleetwood Mac Are Pretty Much Definitely NOT Playing At Glasto

Despite the fact that the majority of Britain loves them, Fleetwood Mac are NOT going to be playing at Glastonbury. Instead they’re playing about 50 shows in America. Booooo! Hisssss! In an interview with BBC Radio 2’s Jo Whiley, Mick Fleetwood said that their “visitation to other countries was going to be affected by this fantastic, one off show”. Right, because playing at Glastonbury totally means people will no longer come to your other shows, rather than you making more money than you need. In another index finger flotation from the international stage, Daft Punk will also not be appearing at the festival. Emily Eavis took to Twitter to quash rumors about their suspected appearance. So, who’s going to headline? Did anyone whisper Bowie?


The Strokes Have Announced A New Album

After simultaneously boring themselves and the world with colossally-beige comeback album, Angles, The Strokes arrived last week, cocktail and A-ha 12-inch in hand. Casually sauntering on to the internet, the band slipped "One Way Trigger" on to their website. This week, they announced a full blown proper release. Basically, the new album is called Comedown Machine - it’s out March 26 - and the band are going to release a new single on February 19.

Gucci Mane Is Giving Advice To Youths

Parents, of the following success stories, who would you prefer to give advice to your kids on career day? A successful young dot com entrepreneur? A local business owner? Or…a self proclaimed Trap God? If the latter is the type of career route you’ve got planned for your blessed offspring, then you better move to Atlanta where Gucci Mane was recently appointed guest of honour at a middle school's career day. Imagine how much they’d learn? Not only would your little munchkins learn how to burn success in blunts, but they’d also learn how to be a colossal misogynist too! Bonus!

Diplo Kind Of Helped Get A Teacher Sent On Leave After Retweeting a Stoned Naked Picture Of Her

This is the sort of thing that teenage boys dream about. School teacher, Carly McKinney, had her own private Twitter account, @crunk_bear, operating under the bio “Stay sexy. Stay high. Stay drunk. Stay free. Stay trippy” - where she tweeted about smoking weed and sent out half nude pictures. The account has been deleted now, but a #FreeCrunkBear alliance has been formed. Diplo reportedly retweeted this photo of Carly, leading the account to be shut down. But you don’t care about any of that, right? Here’s another photo of Carly Crunk Bear.

MGMT Are Going To Release A New Record And It’s Going To Be Weird

People always complain about the last MGMT record. Oh, Congratulations was boring as hell. It’s too jazzy and non-descript, they say. Those people obviously didn’t take enough drugs whilst listening to it. The album's closing track, of the same name as the record, is perhaps the most euphoric, comedown conclusion to a record in years. The good news is that the new LP is going to be even weirder. Speaking to Rolling Stone Ben Goldwasser said “We’re not trying to make music that everyone understands the first time they hear it”. SO deep.