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Noisey Tidbits Roundup

Pitbull and Lil Jon lead a zumba class and David Cameron is in One Direction's new video.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

A weekly roundup of anything music-related that's made us excited about being able to hear things.

Pitbull and Lil Jon Lead A Zumba Class!

The common interpretation of fitness work out revolution Zumba is that it’s a form of dance made purely for stretchy yoga pants wearing mums, who all meet at Cafe Nero for a post-workout caramel macchiato. But, that’s a misconception. Zumba is hood as fuck. Lil Jon is the Zumba king. He likes to get low. He’s probably got at least three bootleg workout DVDs at home. Pitbull also loves a bit of a workout. The other week, whilst out in LA, the two put on a Zumba class. So, this begs the question - what’s next for hip-hop? Can we expect to see a Juicy J legs, bums and tums DVD hitting the shops? How about Danny Brown leading a pump class? I’d pay good money to lift with Fiddy.


David Cameron Is A Badman

David Cameron has grown up with his face for so long, he’s learnt to not give a fuck about what anyone thinks. We’ve spent a fair few years slogging out the coalition now and it’s clear that Dave does what Dave wants. No-one’s going to stop him. He’s a certified badman. Despite Johnny Marr “forbidding” Cameron’s listening to The Smiths, Dave is still going full pelt and bathing in their discography. In other news - Davidoff is a musical chameleon. Look at him above, kicking it back with 1D. It’s probably the first time ever that a thousand pre-teen girls have wished they were a blundering mid-forties male Conservative. He's not just hanging out with them to be cool, though. Dave is a working, charitable man. He was on set, waiting to make an appearance in the boy band's Comic Relief single. Check out the moment when Dave appears, here.

Frank Ocean Has A Slew Of Features Prepped For His Next Record

Channel Orange needs no introduction. So, with that said, it’s pretty easy to get excited about Frank’s new record. It’s even easier to get super excited with the slew of features that he’s got planned. Speaking to Zane Lowe earlier in the week, Frank revealed that he’d been in the studio with Pharrell and that he’d love to hook up with King Krule and Danger Mouse. Can you imagine being King Krule? The kid’s not yet twenty and he’s already being hustled by a butt -load of rappers who have taken a liking to his Marboro-factory-voice. Yet, as the antithesis to hypebeast teenagers, Archy remains schtum.

This Kids Rap Invitation To His Bar Mitzvah Deserves Top Marks

The marrying of religion and modern music is great. Last week, we had the troll-tastic "Jesus Christ Is My Nigga" video and a couple days back we gave you guys an introduction into the world of Christian infused smegmastep dubstep. Now, this kid wants to invite you to his Bar Mitzvah. Sure, it’s not the best track ever. But, whenever kids do things that adults do and upload it to the internet it’s always great. Besides, this little squirt deserves top marks for effort. I never received any video invitations in my youth :(

People of Harlem React To The "Harlem Shake" Videos

The Harlem Shake is the worst cultural thing that has happened so far in 2013. It’s a perfect example of middle class, misinformed teens jumping on a hype train in an attempt to get a couple of YouTube views. Sure, there’s been a couple of pretty good ones, but, like anything that was once good, the Harlem Shake became over saturated leaving many people feeling like THIS. Anyway, the people of Harlem were pretty bugged out about the rest of the world propagating their trademark move. So, some guy went out there and asked them about it. Now, can we all forget about the Harlem Shake already and move on?