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Premiere: Enter the "Tennessee Haze" with Vallens' New Video

This Toronto singer/songwriter makes music to really get lost in.
November 19, 2015, 3:00pm

We've covered the grungy shoegaze of Toronto native Vallens before, but there's finally a visual for her song "Tennessee Haze" and Noisey has them for you. Directed by fellow Torontonian Shelby Fenlon, the clip finds Vallens mastermind Robyn Phillips wandering through a forest and other nature zones. It's appropriately soft-focus, and the off-kilter chord changes of the song add to the feeling of dreamy disorientation.


"'Tennessee Haze' was one of the first Vallens songs recorded," says Phillips, "The video is inspired by a lot of different things, but it's emphasis is on the silver lining of the day-to-day, like the lyrics of the song."

Phil Witmer makes music and writes in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.