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Tell Your Dad to Brush Down his Parka, The Who Are Headlining Glastonbury!

The band, who rose to fame in nineteen dickety four and had numerous hits on the wireless, will close the 2015 music festival on the Sunday.

There has been a war on British dads in 2015. They lost their spiritual leader in Jeremy Clarkson, their Sunday night safe haven in Top Gear, beer prices are rising, the Premiership is more or less over, and the chance of some reductive political banter has been mired by a totally unpredictable election. What is left to talk about? What is the point? Well, tell your dad to turn that frown upside down, because everything is coming up Milhouse: The Who are headlining Glastonbury!


Yes, The Who, who first rose to fame in nineteen dickety four, and had numerous hits on the wireless throughout that period, will take to the stage on Sunday night to close 2015’s Glastonbury Festival. The band will be preceded by a set from Paul Weller, so brush down those Parkas, groom those sideburns, iron those polo shirts, and discard your snapbacks, because Sunday night is going to be “mod night”.

Admittedly, The Who have shown their age once or twice since their heyday. They haven’t recorded anything new since their last Glastonbury appearance in 2007 - which they sensitively and stylishly compared to the Battle of Passchendaele in Word War One. Their latest live review from The Guardian described their live show as “a disjointed ragbag”, and Roger Daltrey now says things like “I’ve got nothing against the Poles, but…” whenever he gets a chance to speak with the Daily Mail about immigration, but obviously we’ll excuse that because… “Pinball Wizard”, guys!

As always with the Glastonbury headline slot, there are going to be a few special guests, so don’t be surprised to see the band joined onstage by the likes of Twiggy, Jimmy from Quadrophenia, Richard Littlejohn, The Ghost of Christmas Past, a loaf of unsliced bread, a customised Vespa Scooter revving the chords to “Baba O’Riley”, Jake Bugg, Bruce Forsyth, or the Brighton Palace Pier. The rumour mill is in full spin, and we can’t bloody wait!

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