This story is over 5 years old.

Check Out The New Video From Samo

Husum's next hip-hop hope doesn't want you to waste his time.

Samo is probably the most talented teenage rapper Husum has to offer. Originally part of Copenhagen rap duo Blacksquad, he's going it alone these days with the release of his latest video "Ik' Spild Min Tid". Both the track and video were recorded in his hometown - a neighborhood notorious for it's integration issues. Or at least if you were to read the newspaper..

"Sure, you hear about a lot of bad things happening in Husum. But there's also tons of good things too. You just don't hear about it" he told us.

Anyhow, Samo is definitely on the rise and the video is getting shared faster than scabies after receiving props from Sivas.

Check it out and watch out for far more from this kid.