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Get Lost In the Donair Sauce with Quake Matthews' New Video for "Down With The King"

The Halifax MC unwraps a star-studded donair-themed visual.

For those who don't know, the donair is a gyro-like wrap of shaved spicy seasoned meat in a hot pita with tomatoes, onions and sweet donair sauce, known together as "the works." It's a glorious Maritime delicacy famous all across Canada. Often imitated but never duplicated, the donair is destined to be the official food of Halifax.

To celebrate this huge cultural achievement, Halifax rapper Quake Matthews drops his new video "Down with the King" today, filmed at the iconic King of Donair in Halifax, the country's first donair shop that opened in 1973. The video starts off with a topless Randy from The Trailer Park Boys whoring for donairs outside the shop, and then features some of the Atlantic region's favourite sauce-boys like Tyrone from The Trailer Park Boys, KOTD battle rap champion Pat Stay, Waka Flocka's Neon Dreams, rappers Cam Smith, J-Bru and Matty Galaxy, and a hyped up Donair Beast, as Quake hustles suitcases of donairs and everyone gets the meat sweats over an old-school boom-bap beat and rhymes about that donair life. Get lost in the sauce.

Adria Young is a writer living in Halifax. Follow her on Twitter.