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Check Milwaukee Banks’ New Video and RSVP to Catch Them At Our Noisey Parties Next Month

Come get 'hazy' with Milwaukee Banks.

In the world of hip hop the word ‘haze’ or ‘hazy’ comes with certain cultural and emotional connotations and by connotations I mean massive plumes of bong smoke.

But in the case of Milwaukee Banks their new video “Hazy” is more in reference to wonky beats and the camera’s blurred focus as it captures Edo and Dyl Thomas doing their thing.

Directed by Louis Mitchell, the black and white video is as simple as the Melbourne duo’s minimal production and down-tempo beats but just as effective at capturing their loose and natural flow.


Taken from their debut Rose Water, it’s a track that moves with an assuredness that reinforces the fact that the guys have been in the game long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

Wednesday August 13 in Sydney with Staunch Nation, Moonbase Commander and Mike Who at Good God. RSVP HERE

Thursday August 14 in Melbourne with Baro, [Moonbase Commander]( ) and Hip Hip Hotties at the Lounge. RSVP HERE

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