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Wake Up to Wintersleep's New Rock Anthem "Santa Fe"

The Canadian indie rock band teases their new album with "Santa Fe."

Photo via Facebook

Contrary to their name, there is definitely nothing dormant about the band Wintersleep. An indie band hailing from Canada that's signed with Dine Alone Records, the Juno award winners already have five full length albums under their belt. Now they return with a new single "Santa Fe" that's off of their upcoming album The Great Detachment. The song feels like a trip to the beach—minus the dreadful sunburned and the dreadful indecent exposure. It's short, sweet, and full of moments. "Santa Fe" has glimmers of old school sound that mixes with new school techniques like vocoding.

"This is for me a simple love song about wanting a second chance. I think of Elvis when I hear it because there's something very 'Suspicious Minds' in the sentiment for the 'character' in the song," Wintersleep's vocalist Paul explains. "Maybe it's also because Tony kept telling me to sing the chorus like Elvis.: 'Lets vocode the verses and for the choruses… Could you sing it a bit more like Elvis?'"

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