Bibi Bourelly Launches Single "Perfect" with a Love-in and a Performance on Colbert

Check out her performance of "Perfect" plus exclusive pics from last night's party.
June 29, 2016, 3:37pm

All photos by Yudi Ela

Bibi Bourelly is one of the most promising emerging artists around right now. That's just a fact. Her songwriting chops are already unassailably platinum-plated, her voice packs power in its tear, and she's not afraid to make her pop stand for something. Last night the Berlin-born singer threw a little party, teaming up with Sid Lee Collective and German studio Unfun, in a tiny spot down in NYC's Chinatown—directly after performing her new song "Perfect" on Colbert (watch below).


The Sid Lee crew tranformed the secret spot into “Bibi’s Love Parlor” complete with aura readers, psychic paraphernalia and cosmic installations, while Bibi and fellow Def Jam signee Earl St. Clair played to an intimate group. Speaking of love: remember those those love calculators you used to screw around with where you'd enter your name and the name of the person you were crushing on and it would let you know that particular relationship's viability? Well Bibi and Sid Lee brought this back. Check out the likelihood of your relationship (real or imaginary) floating or sinking at the bottom of the page. Totally 100% accurate, obvi.