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Love Advice From Everyone's Favorite Racist Black Metal Murderer, Varg Vikernes!

Love advice that is somehow worse than "fuck her right in the pussy."
March 11, 2015, 2:33pm

These days a lot of people have been asking "how can anyone listen to Burzum? Varg is blatantly a racist, and probably really crazy to boot!" Well, you need to keep in mind that Varg does all of this for the people. The main man was able to take time out of his busy day of looking on DaFont for a free typeface for his new album cover and walking around the woods rambling, to make an instructional video on how to find a real woman. He starts off with some good advice, i.e. not waiting around all day for love to come to you, but then it gets, well, pretty great when he starts talking about becoming a "hero" and some other stuff that's really not totally reprehensible.


Check out the video below for yourself, and start to wonder if that Hvis lyset tar oss shirt is on the same level as a Hate Forest shirt.

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