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PREMIERE: Hear the First Track from the Long Awaited Reissue of 'Grown Up Fucked Up' by The Reatards

Goner Records have announced the exciting reissue of Jay Reatard deep cut, 'Grown Up Fucked Up' by The Reatards. Listen here first exclusively on Noisey.

As a restless highschool drop-out in 1998, the late Jay Reatard started his first band The Reatards. His punk appropriation of the beloved Tennesee rock and roll sound made an indellible impact on countless garage bands to come. Reatard's early work was frought with an explosive punk anxiety that when paired with traditional four-bar melodies turned garage rock upside down. But his tragic and untimely death five years ago left a gigantic hole in the garage-punk underground that no band has even come close to filling.


The first few of The Reatards releases remained coveted relics until the original purveyors of Memphis garage rock at Goner Records first remastered Teenage Hate/Fuck Elvis, Here's the Reatards in 2011. Goner has just announced the long awaited repressing of The Reatard's sophomore album, Grown Up Fucked Up. What makes this particular reissue so fascinating is the way you can literally hear Jay transitioning from blistering punk into a conceptually re-imagined version of classic garage rock that had yet to exist.

Goner Records is proud to premiere the first cut of "Blew My Mind" from the digitally remastered and repressed Grown Up Fucked Up. Sourced from all original material and mastered onto vinyl, the reissue includes the 7" single, "Your So Lewd." You can pre-order Grown Up Fucked Up here from Goner Records or wait for the official release on August 21. RIP Jay Reatard. May your Blood Visions always continue to drip.