This story is over 5 years old.

Wildhoney's New Video For "Sleep Through It" is a Whirlpool of Color

It's like Kid Pix, but a whole video.

Do you remember fucking around with those really awful photo manipulation programs when you were a kid? Kid Pix, Microsoft Paint, whatever. You'd take a photo of your favorite Digimon, and then load it up with hundreds of different filters, effects, all kinds of stuff. It looked cool as hell, and the new Wildhoney video looks a lot like what you were doing back then. The Baltimore, MD band play a hazy kind of fun rock, especially evident in the song for the video, "Sleep Through It." When you watch the video, try to focus on one thing. Colors one way, colors another, it's a mad mix of all kinds of images, set to a dreamy soundscape.


Watch their video below, and catch the band tonight playing with Ceremony, Pity Sex, and Tony Molina at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn.