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PREMIERE: Listen to Hints' New Track "Benediction" and Remember The 80s

Hints' "Benediction," sounds like a modern b-side from The Church's 'Starfish' via 1988.

Being a dude in a Brooklyn band is hard. You're surrounded by a bunch of other dudes with the same haircut doing the same thing as you, wearing the same cardigan as you, and probably buying the same distortion pedals as you are. It takes a LOT to stand out, but the dudes of Hints have already stepped away from the pack by crafting perfectly 80s tinged, clean music with lyrics that are actually tangible. We're premiering their new track "Benediction," which sounds like a modern b-side from The Church's 'Starfish' via 1988. The song is backed by a super rad animated video–which is fitting since every single dude in the band just so happens to be a visual artist. Go figure.


"Benediction" is the band's first single off of their upcoming 5-track EP No Regrets in Old English, set to be self-released on June 9. The EP is the result of recording sessions with Ayad Al Adhamy (of Team Spirit, Passion Pit) and was mixed by Andrew Maury (RAC, Ra Ra Riot, Kisses, Panama Wedding).

If you live in New York, you're in luck. Check 'em out this month: