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Premiere: Prawn - "Seas"

One of New Jersey's most indefinable exports are back with more fuel for your feelings to burn in the grips of winter.
Emma Garland
London, GB

Formed in Ridgeword, New Jersey, in the summer of 2007, Prawn are arguably one of the most underrated bands of the so-called "emo revival", and certainly one of the trickiest to pin down. Capable of mixing American Football-era sentimentalism with the kind of emotional clarity and grand gestures Death Cab For Cutie or Jimmy Eat World made their name from, Prawn grab you feelings first and then dazzle you with their technical prowess afterwards. It's not often I gush about guitar work but the way they sway between the sunny expanses of Real Estate and the furrowed brow post-rock of Explosions in the Sky, refusing to sit still on either end of the spectrum, is enough to render any book of musical definitions completely pointless.


We're premiering "Seas" from their upcoming split with Moving Mountains out later this month, which you can listen to below.

The Prawn / Moving Mountains split will be released on Triple Crown Records on November 27 and is available to pre-order now.

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