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Chase the Devil Down With Irish Rock'n'Rollers Wizards of Firetop Mountain

Philo would've been proud of these Dublin rock'n'roll maniacs; listen to their new album right here.
December 3, 2015, 8:49pm

Photo by Céline O'Donnell

Wizards of Firetop Mountain stand out like a sore thumb amidst Dublin's otherwise deadly serious underground music scene (even though they feature members of extreme metal heavyweights Vircolac, Dread Sovereign, and Zom), and instead pay ample tribute to one of their hometown's most famous guitar-wielding sons on their self-titled new album. Their sound is a sweaty, grinning mishmash of blues, NWOBHM, 70s hard rock, and straight-up, high octane rock'n'roll. Is there a Thin Lizzy influence? Fuck yeah, there is. Is there a touch or two of classic heavy metal mixed in? You bet your ass, especially once you get down to the hot-rockin' Maiden-esque leads on "Burn It All." Is it the perfect soundtrack to a night out in the pub, by the canal, and eventually, in the gutter? Fuckin' right it is, and we've got it streaming for you just in time to make this weekend count.

Offstage and outside the recording studio, there's not much else the Wizards take seriously, least of all themselves. According to their bio, "With floods of fire raging from the rocky peaks, five wizards descended their sanctuary arriving many centuries later at the Foothills of the ancient Gaelic stronghold Dubh Linn to unleash a furious wrath of wizardry and riffs upon the scorched- sunken soil."

What's not to love? Preorder the album here, and douse your ears in sweet, sweet rock'n'roll below: