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Oh My God, Here's a New Pimp C and Lil Wayne Song Called "3 Way Freak"

A posthumous album of all new Pimp C material called 'Long Live The Pimp' is coming out December 4.

Pimp C will live forever. And now he's going to live a little bit longer, thanks to the upcoming release of his first posthumous album of all-new material. It's called Long Live The Pimp, and it's out December 4 on Mass Appeal Records. It features Nas, T.I., Juicy J, A$AP Rocky, Slim Thug, Ty Dolla $ign, David Banner, Devin the Dude, Lil Keke, ESG, Pimpin Ken, 8Ball & MJG, and Bun B. It also features Lil Wayne, who is on the lead single "3 Way Freak," available now to stream or to download with a pre-order of the album (you can do that here).


"3 Way Freak" may not be the type of thing you'd pull out when making the scrapbook about an artist—the three ways its subject is a freak is head, sex, and, uh, butt sex—but part of what made Pimp C so great was his willingness to say things that were over-the-top inappropriate. Pimp C pulled no punches and that's what made him real and beloved and what occasionally got him in trouble. Anyway, there's no better companion to rap about lewd sex acts than Lil Wayne, so here are two of my favorite rappers, rapping about butt sex:

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