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Premiere: Watch "Two Marriages” the New Video for Las Tetas

The Auckland trio who say they are "fundamentally a punk band" move into broodier territory.
November 30, 2014, 3:00pm

Cloaks, forests, knives and sultry dance moves all make appearances in the video for “Two Marriages” by Auckland’s Las Tetas.

The trio comprising of Lucy Stewart, Charlotte Gallichan-Stewart and Kristal G have developed a sound that like the Vivian Girls before them mixes the raw punk and pop of the Ramones with the girl group charm and melody of the Shangri La’s. They then add their odd dose of Grey Lynn style.


Directed by CUTSS, the clip creates a moody, psychy swirl of images that suits the song's brooding sound.

We caught up with Lucy before the gals jump on an Air New Zealand flight for their first Australian shows.

Noisey: Is is true that you started as a covers band? What was in your set early on?
Lucy Stewart: We weren't a covers band but we started out practicing covers just so we could start making noise and have more than two songs in our set. We played songs by Love, The Monks and Iggy and The Stooges.

Kristal plays in fellow Auckland band the Vietnam War. "The Plains" seems to shift to a more mellow/Vietnam War vibe than more frantic stuff of your earlier songs. Is this a newer direction?
No way. It's just made our sound broader. We are fundamentally a punk band, and so I imagine no matter what we are doing, there will always be that element, but more importantly we are a creatively open band. Las Tetas are up to play any kind of style as long as we all like it, and we like the idea of trying new things. We have no wish to stick to any sound or genre. We like all kinds of music and are constantly inspiring each other with new bands/books/artists we get into, which always helps influence you as a creative person. I'm looking forward to seeing future developments.

Do you find that there limitations of playing in New Zealand, in regards to either the number of cities/venues to play or with appropriate bands?
Yes, there are limitations such as lack of venues in Auckland but I think those limitations cause people to be more creative and resourceful. People are playing in all kinds of places at the moment. You have to to keep things fun and exciting. The main thing is being a good band, you could play in a bathroom and be the only band in the line up but if your band is good it's going to be a cool gig.


What are your expectations of Australia?
I have no idea. I guess as far as expectations go, I've only got imagining what the venue looks like to work with!Australia has a ton of really good bands at the moment, and I’m looking forward to checking some of them out. We hope to tour Australia in the coming summer and I’m looking forward to the chance of seeing more of them. It's great seeing good new bands.

I saw you got to hang back stage with Danny Brown? Did he show you his $1000 trousers?
We were backstage at Laneway, inhaling all the beer we could get our hands on, and decided to bust into his dressing room without invitation or so much as a knock. He was cutting up drugs so he didn't exactly offer us a seat and a cup of tea, but obliged to a photo. In the photo, he looks as happy to see us as we were to see him. Maybe when we're seventy, the photo will make us remember it that way!

Catch Las Tetas in Melbourne and Sydney this week:
Nov 27 – Sydney at the Lansdowne with The Friendsters and Destiny 3000
Nov 29 – Sydney at Valve with Low Life, Housewives and Orion
Nov 30 – Melbourne at Minimum Wage at the Grace Darling with Repairs, Stations and Point Being.
Dec 1 – Melbourne at Monday Night Mass at Northcote Social Club with Miss Destiny and Asylum Sisters.

This article originally appeared on Noisey Australia.