Hear Jazz Cartier Lay Himself Bare on “Just in Case”

The ruthlessly self-lacerating track premiered on Noisey Radio last night.
July 31, 2016, 3:18pm

Photo courtesy of Luis Mora

Jazz Cartier’s been awful quiet since the release of Hotel Paranoia morning back in February. In fact, aside from jumping on “Ring 4x” with YE Ali, the Toronto rapper has been basically silent. But yesterday morning on Noisey Radio on Beats 1, we premiered “Just in Case,” a heavy, ruthlessly self-analytical track that sees the Toronto rapper picking himself apart. “I’m not an admirable man,” he raps, “I am a liar, I am a cheat, I am becoming my dad / I got some blood on the leaves / I got some blood on my hands.” It’s produced by Lantz, the cinematic trap beatmaker whose work with Cartier has worked flawlessly in the past.

Check it out below and tune into Beats 1 at 9pm ET tonight to hear Noisey Radio all over again.

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