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Watch Metal God Rob Halford Sing "Painkiller" and "Breaking the Law" with Babymetal

The Judas Priest frontman says the Japanese pop-metallers are "leading the charge into the new frontier of heavy metal."

Japanese pop-metal phenoms Babymetal have won the hearts of many of metal and hard rock's biggest names—Metallica and Rob Zombie come to mind—but those are nothing compared to what happened last night in Columbus, Ohio, when they snagged the most crucial endorsement of all: that of the Metal God himself, Judas Priest's Rob Halford.

At—wait for it—this year's Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards, Fueled by Monster Energy Drink, the girls were joined onstage at the Schottenstein Center by the iconic Judas Priest frontman. Resplendant in red and black leather, he and main vocalist Su-metal ran through a shortened version of "Painkiller" before her bandmates Moametal and Yuimetal ran out, guitars in hand, to launch into a full band rendition of "Breakin' the Law"

In a statement he gave to Rolling Stone after the performance, Halford gushed,"That was really intense: Babymetal give a thousand percent just like Priest. They're leading the charge into the new frontier of heavy metal."

Watch 'em nail "Painkiller" and "Breakin' the Law" below: