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Supreme Villain (Madchild and Slaine) Team Up for "The Enemy"

Off of the soundtrack to the upcoming movie 'GirlHouse.'

As a rap nerd with a girlfriend who is not a rap nerd, sometimes I find myself listening to rap music my girlfriend would hate. "White dudes from Boston who rap extremely intricate narratives about serial killing" is definitely the opposite of up her alley. Like, I'm gchatting with her right now and I know if I asked her "Hey what do you think of Supreme Villain, it's this underground rap duo with Slaine from La Coka Nostra and Madchild from Swollen Members in it" she'd be like "what the fuck is that, that sounds gross." And you know what? She'd be right. It is kinda gross to hear Slaine and Madchild plan the deaths of random innocent people. But also, La Coka Nostra and Swollen Members are super fucking dope, especially if you like listening to older dudes rap really good. And if we're being honest with ourselves, part of the appeal of groups like Run the Jewels and anything Freeway gets involved in is getting to listen to kinda old dudes rap really good, so I'm not really sure why people think music like this is much different. So, now that we all agree that Supreme Villain is dope as hell, let's continue.


Anyhoo, below is the music video for Supreme Villain's "The Enemy." It's from the soundtrack to Girlhouse, a horror movie that hits VOD and theaters today. It stars, conveniently enough, Slaine. In case you didn't know, Slaine is also an acclaimed-as-fuck actor who's created something of a niche for himself playing toughs in art-crime dramas such as Ben Affleck's Gone Baby Gone and The Town as well as the recent Brad Pitt vehicle Killing Them Softly.

Watch the video for "The Enemy" below, and below that, read what Slaine has to say about his acting career going from zero to 100 after he got discovered by Ben Affleck.

"The Boston Herald did a story about me and it was the first time I had been covered in a major newspaper. La Coka Nostra had just formed and I had developed a buzz in Boston from my mixtapes. The article was a full page and had my picture and story and was over two full pages. In a lot of other respects my life was in shambles though. My long time girlfriend had left me and I was drinking heavily everyday. Music had become a full-time job that I hadn't made any money from yet and I was living in a warehouse without any hot water or electricity. I had somebody investing in a solo project prior to that, and we were supposed to turn that warehouse space into a recording studio, office, and place to live but he caught a case and I was squatting there for about six months after.

I came home drunk around 7 a.m. with a stack of Heralds, climbed up the ladder to a spot where I had a mattress, and fell asleep. When I woke up I had all these missed phone calls and texts. Some of them were in regards to the article in the paper but there were also several messages from different outlets saying that Ben Affleck wanted me to come in and audition. I called the casting company and went in to audition. Over the course of the next few weeks I went in for several auditions and after the fifth one I didn't hear back for a while. A few weeks later I was staying with DJ Lethal in LA recording and I got a call offering me the part. It was a moment I'll never forget. After the initial excitement we headed into the studio in Hollywood and when Lethal ran into the store I was sitting in the car and I started crying tears of joy. I had a pretty tough run for quite a while before that and with the music and now a role in a major movie, I knew that my life was changed forever. It was pretty powerful."