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PREMIERE: Watch Paul Fisher's Video for "Baking Soda" Produced by Salva

Hint: he's not actually talking about baking soda.

One of the most prolific producers working right now is Los Angeles-based Salva. Over the last year, he's consistently churned out some of Noisey's favorite tracks—this genius was the first person to put Young Thug and Freddie Gibbs on a track, which made us cry with joy—and his most recent project, Peacemaker, featured pretty much every good rapper ever. Today, we're excited to premiere his latest work, a track called "Baking Soda" with a young rapper out of San Antonio named Paul Fisher. Of the track, Salva says they recorded the "joint in one session." The video was shot in Fisher's hometown. Now that he's built a catalog of respectable music and is enjoying the positive response to Peacemaker, he says the next task is trying to get the music really out there to "make a real impact."


Watch the video for "Baking Soda" below, and check out his BitTorrent bundle of instrumentals.