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Radiohead Drop Their Fantastically Anxious New Song and Video: "Burn the Witch"

It's the soundtrack to pastoral village life gone very, very awry.

After some weird postcards received over the weekend and teasing us earlier today via Instagram, Radiohead have dropped a brand new video and song: "Burn the Witch." Despite the anxiously gorgeous strings, the incendiary title, (and the video, directed Chris Hopewell, which looks like a rather fucked up episode of English stop-motion kid's show Trumpton meets The Wicker Man), Radiohead's new tune is a surprisingly uplifting affair.


Thom Yorke does his trademark echoed warble, singing about a "low flying panic attack," and those violins are so very Hitchcock-cray, but it really does sound like a band excited to return to the fray. Indeed, this is their first music since 2011's The King of Limbs and it's a fiery shot out of the gate.

Watch the video below.

"Burn the Witch" is out May 4.