Listen to the Stunning Debut Release from Empara Mi

Resilient yet fragile, "Wanderlust" is an ideal comfort blanket in musical form.
May 25, 2016, 11:30am

Treading through the streets on a hangover is like tip-toeing across the precipice of a monumental cliff face, with limbs that appear to be made from glass. Each step is carefully placed, as your insides threaten to shatter. It's in these moments that some form of comfort is needed; and often, the thing that can alleviate those feelings, or at least carry them in a warm enclave, is music. This isn't to say that the debut track from Empara Mi is only appropiate within those moments where dehydration and headaches threaten to ruin one's existence, but it does have a unique and fragile vulnerability to it, while also being imbued with the resilence to see the golden light at the end of the day—which is an ideal comfort blanket in musical form.


Titled "Wanderlust," the track is the debut release from the as-yet-unknown artist Empara Mi. In fact, all we know about her is the origin of her name: " seize or to takeover; 2.latin derivative." On the basis of this track though, expect to see a lot more from her in the future.

Listen to "Wanderlust" below.