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PREMIERE: Listen to Philthy Rich's "Piss Codeine" Remix Featuring Kevin Gates, Young Dolph, and Icewear Vezzo

An all-star lineup alert! Three of the most exciting rappers working right now team up with Philthy Rich over Zaytoven production for the lean-friendly Bay anthem.

All-star lineup alert! It's Kevin Gates, Icewear Vezzo, Young Dolph, Philthy Rich, and Zaytoven! Bring those guys together and you have the key to the streets of practically every midsize city in America. This is a buffet of great rappers, a who's who of artists with the strongest indie cred and most organic fanbases.

It's also a collection of dudes ready to share some good-ass rapping. You have Kevin Gates getting anti-social ("Diamonds’ll get to glistening / but I don’t deal with too many / and what I meant by that is no talking and I don’t kick it"). You have Vezzo putting together some of the best drug dealing bars you've heard all year: "And I ain’t tryna see no drought / I’ma step on it I’m a boy scout." You have Dolph coming through and laying waste to everyone with the same casual attitude that's made his projects some of this year's best: "All my cars straight out the showroom / boy you only a real nigga on ProTools! / I spent your advance on weed and codeine / you ever seen a multimillion dollar dope fiend?"

And then there's the original song, of course, which has a monster of a beat and which Philthy Rich has put to good use reminding rivals that he has some expensive watches and some doubts about said rivals' diamonds. The original version, off of his album Real Niggas Back In $tyle, which came out earlier this year, is something of a minor Bay Area hit. With such a killer cast of collaborators for the remix, it could be on its way to being much more of one.

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