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Watch Chelsea Wolfe's Video for "Carrion Flower" and Die in Seven Days

Is this 'The Ring 3'? No, it's just the video for "Carrion Flowers."

Chelsea Wolfe may survive the apocalpyse but you, unfortunately, will not. In the video released today for "Carrion Flowers," the L.A. gothwave performer wanders through the scorched desert with long black hair in front of her pale face just like that scary-ass little girl from The Ring. Oh shit, wait a minute. Is this actually the VHS tape from the movie that unleashes that little girl to kill you seven days after you watch it? Are we going to show up blurry-faced in our selfies? The intensely physical song alone is enough to knock you into a well so deep you'll never get out. Watch it below, but if the phone rings, do not answer it—seven days.


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