This story is over 5 years old.

Celebrate Being a Freak With Sean Nicholas Savage on "Propaganda"

The prolific master of alternative pop has released a "celebratory song" about being who you and not letting people shut you down.

Sean Nicholas Savage is about the closest thing pop has to a Lil B figure. In the last five years, he's prolifically released ten albums of idiosyncratic, heartfelt pop tracks that tug at the strings of your being and pull you in for simultaneous warmth and despair. In a world where some pop artists struggle to retain their own image, Sean is a unique and important figure; pure and true.

Sean Nicholas Savage's latest track is called "Propaganda" and, in a video below, he explains the meaning behind the song. If you're looking for a highlight reel, it's "about the same people - the same system sometimes made out of people - telling you're a "freak" and "you can't come in the box" and "later in life trying to gain control over you". "It's mostly a celebratory song".

"Propaganda" is from Sean Nicholas Savage's forthcoming record Other Death, which is released on September 18. Do as Sean says in the video above, find yourself a chill-out spot on a porch, some decking, or tucked up in bed with the covers over your head and watch below.