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Manipulate Plaid's New Single with This Real-Time QWERTY Instrument

Build your own remix of "Tether" using your keyboard.

Electronic duo, Plaid, released single "Tether" from upcoming album Reachy Prints in a particularly addicting fashion: the Warp Records-signees' newest track is accompanied by an interactive web application where listeners can manipulate what they hear (and see) by clicking and dragging their mouse across the screen.

Created by Jono Brandel (aka Jonobr1), the song/web-browser app is an evolution, of sorts, of Brandel's Patatap, an experiment that turned QWERTY into a real-time audio-visual instrument. The result turns "Tether"—a song that sounds like a more accessible version of Mouse On Mars or Aphex Twin—into an experience where the hooks are both in the music, as well as in the responsive app design where geometric forms surge across the screen.


This isn't Plaid's first dive into interactive art. The electronic act also scored the user-sensitive film The Carp And The Seagull, created by Evan Boehm and produced by The Creators Project, which can be watched here.

Reachy Prints is Plaid's tenth album, which comes out on Warp on May 20th. Play/listen to the track above, and see some stills from Brandel's creation below:

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