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Listen to Tesla Boy's New Track, "M.C.H.T.E."

It's the second taste from 'The Universe Made of Darkness,' Tesla Boy's new record, which is coming out on May 21. The track floats from white-horse disco to the darker fringes of 80s dance music, and it's guarenteed to knock out whatever dust has collect

In 1991, before the fall of the Soviet Union, Moscow was the scene of a failed attempt at a coup by anti-Gorbachev government leaders. It was just months later that the Soviet Union ceased to exist. Anton Sevidov was a boy during this time, and over 20 years later, his music reflects that sense of kinetic energy and change. What Sevidov saw as a child was an old order dissipated, and a global culture initiated. It only makes sense that him and his group Tesla Boy would end up making percussion-heavy, funk-inflected disco synth, a hodgepodge of global idioms from disparate musical cultures of the late twentieth century.


Point is, when Tesla Boy sent us in their new single "M.C.H.T.E.," we jumped on it and held on for dear life. It's from their second record, The Universe Made of Darkness, which is coming out on May 21. No matter how tired you are on a bleary Tuesday morning, this thing is guaranteed to kick out whatever dust has collected in and around your eardrums. A dead-serious, full-bodied kick drum grounds the track, which floats from white-horse disco to a verse that treads lightly on the darker dance music of Depeche Mode and other downbeat 80s acts. Press that little orange button down there to give it a listen.