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PREMIERE: Enter the Waking Dream of Beshken's "Faceless" Video Featuring Gus Dapperton

Follow Dapperton as he searches for an elusive love interest inside an LA mansion, encountering an increasingly strange world along the way.

Beshken, the project of LA-by-way-of-NYC producer Ben Shirken, makes the kind of lush, rhythmic electronic jams best enjoyed with your eyes closed (see: his recent Closed Doors EP, which feels like the soundtrack to a waking dream you never want to leave). Today, Noisey is pleased to offer a glimpse into that dream world with the video premiere of "Faceless," featuring singer Gus Dapperton, who also stars as its protagonist.


Filmed in a tony LA mansion, the Matthew Dillon Cohen-directed video follows Dapperton as he searches for an elusive love interest throughout the home's cavernous rooms and hallways, encountering an increasingly surreal world along the way. See the rest for yourself, and be sure to keep an eye out for a cameo from Waymond Lee of Workaholics, as well as the platinum-mopped Shirken.

Here's what Shirken had to say about it:

"The video represents that person in high school that you always liked but never really had the courage to talk to…At the end of the video, does the main girl remain elusive, or does Gus’ dream of attaining her come true? Is the entire video a dream? Dreams are often subject to the unconscious, something that does not always make sense and is usually interpreted as confusing and random. The video, then, represents a dream of ours that we can never achieve."

Watch the video premiere of Beshken's "Faceless" featuring Gus Dapperton exclusively on Noisey below:

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