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Listen to Stats' Remix of La Roux's "Cruel Sexuality"

La Roux's guitarist Stats, who also happens to be in an art rock band called… Stats, gives her tune a sick makeover.
November 10, 2014, 3:15pm

Who is Stats? Who are Stats? Well they call themselves a "minimal pop band" who make music that's the slinky-sexy halfway point between Bowie, Talking Heads, early Duran Duran, and Clor. That is to say their output is very spry and new wavey. The shapes thrown to their stuff should be both loose-limbed and mannequin-stiff. Listen to "Where Is the Money" and "Do it on the Weekend" and devise your own interpretive dance routine. That's your homework for this evening.

But Stats is also the guitarist in La Roux's touring band and he's done this baller remix of "Cruel Sexuality." Whereas her original is hooked on a funked up bassline and a sugary chorus, this rework takes Stats' art rock panache and forces it to make out with a dancefloor ready beat and some INXS guitars. Very nicely done indeed.