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PREMIERE: On 'Dane On,' Baltimore Noise Punks Baklavaa are More Weird than Sweet

Stream the sludge-riddled new bloods' Grimoire Records debut in full.

Rising out of Baltimore roughly five years ago, Baklavaa has emerged as a new force in its hometown’s vibrant DIY community, offering listeners an enticing fusion of post-hardcore, sludgy punk, and eclectic noise. Following two EP releases, Hairmoans in 2012, and Spiral Cramp in 2013, the four-piece is set to release its debut full length, Dane On, on March 4 via Grimoire Records.

Dane On is comprised of material Baklavaa has been developing since 2012, and contains a raw, live-sounding energy that makes you want to run to the nearest basement show. The record kicks off with the stellar opening track, “Candy Cane,” which builds from a static hum into a pulsating post-hardcore frenzy. In Baklavaa terms, though, that frenzy is code for “calm before the storm,” as everything just get more unhinged from there. Take, for example, the noise-riddled “IV,” which possesses such a creepy, funhouse mirror vibe that (if it wasn’t the album’s fourth track) would seem to have been titled after an intravenous drip of some questionable pharmaceutical or five rather than a Roman numeral, the amorphous two-part suite “Gold Candier,” or the off-kilter, dysrhythmic balladry of “Ginger V.”

While there are plenty of hooky riffs, thunderous drumming, and 90s-styled familiarities throughout Dane On (such as the Jesus Lizard-invoking, bottom-heavy ooze of “Tampered With”), many of the album’s best moments are arguably its oddest.

Stream Dane On in full below, and grab the album on March 4.

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