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PREMIERE: Listen to Chelsea Wolfe's New Epic "After The Fall"

The newest song off 'Abyss' might be the most complex.

Chelsea Wolfe is about a step away from becoming the biggest singer/songwriter of our generation. Her music embodies some warp between Leonard Cohen and Fiona Apple. In her new single for "After The Fall," we see both the delicate and world burning sides of Wolfe. The music itself feels otherworldly in its production, going to lengths to make everything nearly blissful. When the chorus kicks in, everything goes crashing into the earth at a million miles an hour, the distortion of the synth becoming more and more massive with each second. The electronic crunch is the kind of noise you'd probably hear at the last concert before the apocalypse. Her voice effortlessly goes back and forth between these two modes, reminding us why she's the best.


Stream "After The Fall" below, and pre-order your copy of Abyss, which comes out August 7th, right here.