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Grab Two Phones and Heat Up with Kevin Gates on This Week's Noisey Beats 1

Also get in the mood for Carnival this year with the help of Thump Brazil.
February 12, 2016, 7:50pm

It's Valentine's Day this weekend, and depending on where you're going to be it's also going to be cold as hell, so this week's episode of Noisey on Beats 1 is going to be all about heating up. To lead off the show, we're throwing together a very fire mix, bringing you the UK stylings of hip-hop collective 808Ink, and the quiet resonance of Daughter. From there we'll show you the aggressive rap force of Shabazz Palace collaborators Chimurenga Renaissance, and the cool alt sounds of Nothing But Thieves. To wrap it up, you'll hear Rihanna's way too huge track "Consideration" featuring SZA, and the atmospheric raps of Amir Obe.


Our first guest on the show will be New Orleans' own Kevin Gates, whose new debut record Islah just came out last week, February 5. We talked to him extensively about his many loves, from street artists Invader to his deep-seated romance with literature in general. He also goes in on his willingness to be emotionally vulnerable and how it all ties together to make his music so poignant.

But Valentine's Day isn't the only holiday you should be excited for this season, as it's just about time for Carnival. In order to get you into the spirit of the season, we brought in Thump's team in Brazil to bring you the most exciting music from South America to get a small taste of the festivities and colorfulness of the event.

So make sure you warm up with us this weekend right here on Saturday morning at 9 AM EST / 6 AM PST and again on Sunday night at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST. Check out what we'll be bringing to you:

Intro Mix:
808Ink - "Suede Jaw"
Daughter - "No Care"
Chimurenga Renaissance - "Nobody Think Nomo" feat. Mall Saint
Nothing But Thieves - "Ban All the Music"
Rihanna - "Consideration" feat. SZA
Amir Obe - "Before the Vomit"

Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates - "La Familia"
Kevin Gates - "The Truth"
Kevin Gates - "2 Phones"
Kevin Gates - "Thought I Heard (Bread Winner)"

Thump Brazil Carnival Takeover
Samba Squad - "Maracatu Funk"
Samba Enredo - "Estação Primeira da Mangueira"
Escola do Samba - "Batukada do Rio de Janeiro"
Banda Carnavalesca Brasileira - "Fanfarra / Sassaricando / Mamãe Eu Quero / Pirata da Perna de Pau"
G.R.E.S - "Bom Bonito e Barato"
Banda Carnavalesca Brasileira - "Abre Alas / Piada de salao / Allah-La-O"