This story is over 5 years old.

MNDR Remixes Wrabel's "I Want You" and the Results Rule

She's twisted Wrabel's beautifully bummed out, lovelorn tune into something you can freak out to.

"I don't wanna call / I'm calling you cos I'm drunk tonight / Pick up the phone or I'll call a million times…" sings Wrabel. Man, we've all been there. Last year the singer uploaded a bunch of excellent tracks—most notably the downloaded half a million times tune "Sideways"—before coming back this year with "I Want You." The original is delightfully downtempo, with Wrabel flexing his easy falsetto and singing about how love is a bitch—especially when you're thinking about the object of your affection banging someone else. The sting!

Above is the premiere of MNDR's dance floor-tooled remix of the original. Beats are brought to the fore with MNDR upping the anti with bottom-end synths and what sounds like a lazer gun battle. It's classic MNDR really: (synth)pop that sways just left of center.

Wrabel is clearly thrilled with the results. "When i made a list of who i wanted to remix 'I want you,' MNDR was the only person on it. she is truly brilliant," he explains. "I've had the pleasure of
working with her and getting to know her over the past couple of years and I am beyond thrilled to share our first collaboration."

As for MNDR's thoughts on the pairing, she was similarly effusive: "Wrabel can sing anyone into a trance of pure ecstasy. I'm pretty sure he could release an entire album of acapellas and everyone would melt into pure emotion.”

A sonic love-in. Lovely!