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Stream Puff Daddy's "Money Ain't a Problem" Remix Featuring French Montana and Chinx

Chinx would've been 31 years old Friday.
December 5, 2015, 4:07pm

In a better world we'd be celebrating Queens Coke Boy Chinx's birthday this weekend, but instead we mourn his loss and wonder if we'll ever find closure in his still-unsolved murder. New York fans and artists are keeping Chinx's memory alive in the meantime; check this new remix of Sean Puff P. Diddy Daddy Combs's French Montana and Harry Fraud collab "Money Ain't a Problem" with an extra verse from Chinx. And while you're at it, go back to Puff's #MMM. That's what New York should sound like in the future. Stream the "Money Ain't a Problem" remix below. RIP Chinx.