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HSY's Song "Sally" Is a Furious, Awesome Ode to a Teenage Waster

The Toronto crew serve up a feral cut about "a girl who would skip class in order to get fucked up on whatever she could get her hands on."
September 11, 2015, 2:00pm

I have zero idea what HSY are saying in this song, but I love it. "Sally" is a feral, primal cut of distorted punk rock—all pummelling beats and nihilistic, larynx-shredding growls off set by squalls of feminine fury. It leads with its chin, snarling with every bar. Still, it's intriguing no? Who is this Sally?

"Sally is about a person I knew in high school, a girl who would skip class in order to get fucked up on whatever she could get her hands on," explains HSY's Jude. "The lyrics are a literal narrative of our hangs: Sally wasn't here, she couldn't make it tonight, because she took too many percs and is now vomiting in the Dairy Queen bathroom. Basically, I wrote this song to memorialize those four years of getting fucked up with this girl at school, in the mall parking lot and on the beach.”


Wonder where Sally is now. Bet she'd be stoked to know the Toronto crew's first single from their LP, Bask (out today via Buzz Records) is all about her.

As for the video itself, which sees the band dimly spot-lit and performing in various outdoor locals, director Joel Barnes had this to say: "The video was shot primary outdoors at night during the coldest February in Toronto's recorded history. It takes it's inspiration from the Treacherous Three's Santa Rap sequence from the 1984 film Beat Street, the idea of death metal videos, and absurdist Japanese cinema. No green screen was used in the making of this video.”

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9/07 Toronto, On - Lee’s Palace w/ Old Man Gloom

10/03 Boston, MA - Grandma's House

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10/10 Nashville, TN - DRKMTTR w/ POP1280

10/11 Birmingham, AL - The Firehouse

10/12 New Orleans, LA - Circle Bar

10/15 Dallas, TX - Double Wide

10/25 Calgary, AB - Broken City w/ Dilly Dally

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